Pleasant Surprises

I know we’re only two weeks into the season, but there are a few pleasant surprises that I’d like to bring to your attention in the baseball world.

1. The Washington Nationals – several had them making the playoffs this year, but they’re playing better than I think most anyone expected. They’re 6-2 after the first week, and it’s mainly due to some stellar pitching to start the season. They lead all of baseball with a team ERA of just 1.92!

2. The New York Mets – I don’t think anyone expected them to play as well as they have. They’re only half a game behind Washington in the NL East, and they possess the 4th best team ERA in the NL, as well as the 6th best team OPS!

3. The Los Angeles Dodgers – they’re 7-1, and I don’t have a great explanation for it. They’re middle of the pack in the NL in OPS, but they’ve managed to find ways to score runs (2nd in the NL).  And while their pitching staff isn’t performing poorly, they aren’t lighting it up either. But, they’re finding ways to win, and that’s what ultimately matters.

4. Baltimore Orioles – 4-3 isn’t exactly a great record, but they are at the top of the AL East for now. They did this last year, too, but it would be nice to see some sustained success, instead of a quick start followed by 4-5 months of bad baseball. They currently have the 2nd best team OPS, and 3rd best team ERA in the AL.

5. Zack Cozart – on a team that ranks next to last in the NL in OPS, there is one bright spot: the Reds’ young shortstop. Granted, he’s only played in 8 games at this point, but he has an impressive 1.098 OPS, and seems to do very well in the field, as he has yet to commit an error.

I’m sure there are more, but for now I’ll stop here. What pleasant surprises have you noticed?

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