So Close . . .

We’ve been close before.  Just last year, in fact.  Matt Kemp was within 13 percentage points.  In ’09, Pujols was within 15 percentage points, and 6 RBI.  In 2000, Todd Helton came up just 8 home runs short.  In ’97 Larry Walker came up 6 percentage points and 10 RBI short.  And so the story goes as we trace history all the way back to 1967 – the last time any major league player won the Triple Crown.  The last time a single player lead the league in batting, home runs and RBI.

Yet, as the sun rose this morning, we awoke to see something exciting at the top of the American League leaderboards.  Miguel Cabrera.  Cabrera currently leads the AL in batting average by 9 percentage points over the Angels’ Mike Trout.  He leads the league in RBI by 7 over Josh Hamilton.  And, he trails Hamilton by just one single, solitary home run for the league lead.

There are just 13 games left for the Detroit Tigers.  Could Cabrera be joining Ty Cobb as the only Tigers ever to accomplish the feat?  Will he join one of the most elite clubs in all of baseball – a club that includes only 14 other men in the history of the game?  Might he end the 45 year drought?  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be watching closely.  Watching . . . waiting . . . hoping to see something historic.

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